Utility and Washed Sand
Used as a base for pavers and other residential applications like sand boxes or as a leveling base for portable swimming pools. Ideal for backfilling utility ditches.

  Washed Pea Gravel
Great for drainage projects, sub grade under concrete, some walkways and patios, small dog kennels, or under swings sets and in other kids play areas.

  5/8" Crushed
Also called “CSTC” - Crushed Surfacing Top Course, this aggregate is great for walkways and driveways that have a thin coat of slippery clay on top but have a good base. Found on most residential driveways.
  3/4” Clean Crushed
Used as a decorative rock. Works well in walkways and has great drainage characteristics. Not a good rock to be used in gravel driveways.

  7/8" Washed
Good drainage rock. Can be used as the aggregate in concrete.
  1 1/4" Clean Crushed
Great for walking paths. Used as a capillary break layer under concrete slabs.
    1 1/4" Crushed
Also called “CSBC” – Crushed Surfacing Base Course, this gravel is good for heavy traffic driving areas or as a base rock.
  1 1/2" Washed
Primarily used for drainage projects and decorative rock in landscaping.
  2" to 4" Quarry Rock
This rock is excellent for spreading into muddy bogs on roads and driveways. Good for roadways into and out of job site; as the truck leaves the jobsites the rock will scrape clean the tire treads so that less mud will be tracked onto the road.
  4" to 8" Quarry Rock
This rock can be used for building small flower bed walls. Also used for industrial roadways. Like 2” to 4” rock, good for roadways into and out of job site.
    Rockery Rock
Sizes vary from ½ man to 5 man rocks – these are very large rocks that can be used for building retaining walls. Also used as placement rocks for decorative purposes in landscaping projects.
  Sand and Gravel Mix
This is sand and gravel that has been premixed to be used in concrete. Perfect for small home DYI projects that utilize smaller amounts of concrete, such as fence postholes.